The year 1968 has witnessed the establishing of The Institute of Public Administration in Jordan as one of the first Institutes in the MENA Region specialized in training, capacity building, studies, research and consultations in various fields of public administration.

Highly qualified Jordanian Public Administration figures and leaders, worked tirelessly guided by their vision and experience to establish and develop The Institute to become a regional hub for capacity building in public administration that has over the years provided expertise to public sector, and graduated many prominent leaders in Jordan and the region.

The Institute offers various training programs to public sector employees that are consistent with the competencies associated with career paths adopted in civil service and respond to the national priorities and plans. The Institute also provides its training and capacity building services to any other party that may be interested; from different sectors and countries. This comes through a set of training courses and materials that have been developed to be in line with updates to meet the actual needs of the trainees and focus on entrenching the principles and concepts of governance, excellence, sustainability, leadership and innovation. Programs are conducted using modern training methods and techniques; including online training, high-quality and advanced facilities that include an innovation lab, videoconferencing rooms and other equipment that in its entirety constitute an integrated model that provides modern training requirements, with the help of a group of experts, specialists and qualified employees in a wide and effective partnership with local, regional and international organizations and twinning with a number of prestigious reputable international institutes.