About the Center

The Government Leadership Center was founded as an organizational unit in The Institute of Public Administration according to by-law No. (102) of 2019 issued on the 6th of the same year.

The center aims to build competent and qualified government leaders who are able to assume leadership positions at their different levels in the government,by providing candidates with knowledge, skills and modern trends in accordance with the best practices followed in developing and building leaders.

The center prepares and develops plans, policies, methodologies and mechanisms for building leadership and leadership capabilities in the public sector, in addition to developing specialized training courses to prepare and qualify leaders in the public and private sectors on different levels (future leaders, new leaders and current leaders in their positions) that meet government needs and are consistent with national plans and priorities. It also designs, develops and implements specialized programs to build leadership capacities of individuals and institutions in general.


The Center Programs’ Scope

The Government Leadership Center provides a package of training programs designed to prepare leaders within the following categories:

  • Senior Leadership: programs targeting Secretary-General and Director-General levels (training retreat, training events, workshops, conferences).
  • Executive leadership: programs targeting those in supervisory and middle management leadership positions (managers, heads of departments and divisions)
  • Youth leadership: programs targeting youth to prepare future leaders who are able to assume senior leadership positions.
  • Women leadership: programs aimed at empowering women as they assume leadership positions.

Work is currently underway to automate an electronic registration system. If you wish to register in one of our programs, please send your information to the following e-mail: glc@ipa.gov.jo

For inquiries: 0798215505

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