Centers & Trainers Accreditation

Accreditation of training centers and trainer
IPA is believing in strong and effective partnerships with private sector training centers which are interested in delivering programs for public employees, the Institute applies standards for qualifying these training centers to guarantee the quality of programs delivered and the alignment of the training with IPA mission and strategic objectives. Interested centers can fill out the application available at the following link: (click here) and send it to the e-mail: partners@ipa.gov.jo
criteria for training centers accreditation (click here)

Accredited  Centers to Provide English Language and Computer Training Programs for Public Employees

In accordance with the provisions of article 4, paragraph (7) (b), of the institute of Public Administration bylaw No. 102 of 2019, which permit the Institute of Public Administration the rights to apply the Institute's standards and training criteria to private-sector training centers that provide training programs for the public sector

Thereby, training directors in the public sector are requested to refer to the list of authorized training centers by the institute to provide English language and Computer training programs to cooperate and implement the programs listed as needed and in accordance with the following instructions:

  1. Communicate with training centers and decide on the required training program
  1. Inform the Institute of Public Administration of the program to be implemented five working days prior to its starting date and according to the form adopted for this purpose.
  2. The institute of Public administration will coordinate with your training director to arrange for a program evaluation
  3. The Institute shall follow up and evaluate the performance of the training Centers during the course of the
  4. program according to its evaluation criteria.
  5. For any inquires or comments, please contact Mrs. Manal Al-damen, Head of Partnership Department at (0798948094) or email (partners@ipa.gov.jo) .

  6. (List of Authorized centers (click Here

Accreditation of Training Programs:

To ensure the quality of the programs presented, IPA developed specific accreditation criteria. For entities interested in providing their programs for public sector, please fill in the application available on the following link: (click here)

to view the Accredition of training programs(click here)

Accreditation of Trainers:
IPA developed criteria for qualifying trainers to benefit from their services in implementing training programs. Those interested to join the database please fill in information about your qualifications and experiences on the following link(click here)

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