The Institute offers a wide range of specialized training programs directed to public sector employees of various categories and levels of employment. These programs were designed based on the analysis of competencies related to the career path and converted to training subjects according to the employee's career level, taking into consideration the national plans and priorities and the results of reports related to the performance of the public sector issued by different authorities. These programs are implemented through the use of a huge database that includes the elites of internationally accredited trainers in different fields of public administration and by using a set of training courses and scientific materials that have been developed in line with developments and updates that positively affect the performance of employees and their  technical and managerial abilities.

Training programs for public sector employees include the following:

  1. New employee induction programs (click here).
  2. Programs related to technical / professional career paths.
  3. Programs related to administrative paths (middle management)
  4. Language and computer skills programs (provided through the centers that meet the institute's standards) (attached a table of centers' names (click here)
  5. Programs directed to leaders of all categories and levels

Annual Training 2023(click here)

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